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    Grab existing GeoLocation of iPad




      Straight forward question; Is there a way to grab the existing GeoLocation of an iPad?


      I know I can grab the Long and Lat with GetValue ( LocationValues (Accuracy ; Timeout) ; 1)


      But is there a way to just grab the local geolocation stamp so we don't have to wait?


      Thank you all.

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          Did you try Location ( )?

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            FileMaker Go's build-in location functions are the main way to get the location of an iOS device. There isn't a way to make the request, "just give me your current guess without getting a new position." I presume iOS loses confidence in its last fix after some period of time or in response to acceleration, and decides to get a new fix based on that.


            We can't force iOS to get or not get a new fix. The closest we can do is detect when we do (or don't) get a new fix. I have found based on repeated calls to the LocationValues function that it will return the same fix as previous calls if I call it again within several seconds (up to a minute or so). The last value of the LocationValues function tells you the age of the fix (and therefore when it was taken), which can tell you when you are or aren't getting a new fix. When iOS returns an old fix, the response is appropriately fast.

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