Replace Container Field Contents with User Selection

Discussion created by JPetersen on Mar 25, 2017
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System: Filemaker 11 and Filemaker 10 Advanced on a PowerMac G5


I have some small thumbnail pics embedded in each record. Let's call the container fields PicA PicB PicC PicD.


There is a second layout where the user-selected thumbnail is shown as a grid in preview mode (it selects PicA OR PicB OR PicC from each record and lays them out in rows and columns) so the user can compare all the PicA or all the PicB, etc., in Preview mode.


[ Record 1 PicA]   [Record 2 PicA]   [ Record 3 PicA]   [Record 4 PicA] 

[ Record 5 PicA]   [Record 6 PicA]   [ Record 7 PicA]   [Record 8 PicA]  etc.


I use a generic container field PicUsersChoice on the grid layout.


I can prompt the user for which Pic is desired, let's say the user selects D (this is stored as a variable).


I can use a calculation to turn it into the field name PicD and then I'm stuck.


I've tried every function I can find in the script steps and calculation steps and I am careful that the result of the calculation is "Container" (I've tried it other ways also) and the best I get is that "PicD" (instead of the container contents) being inserted into PicUsersChoice. I don't want the name of the pic field inserted into the PicUsersChoice container, I want the container contents inserted (the pics).



Using export and import to manage the pic files is overkill. The user may be flipping constantly between PicA and PicC, etc., and it doesn't make sense to continually export and import these tiny files.



How do I get my generic container field PicUsersChoice to display the selected *contents* of container field PicA or PicB based on what the user chooses?