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FileMaker client pops to foreground every few seconds

Question asked by MichaelHeider on Mar 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2017 by MichaelHeider

Hi there!


We have a FM 15 database with a table for clients (and other tables). From this table the first 15 records are selected and displayed in a list (list view). The first 15 = accouding to the current sorting order. The fields diplayed in the list are all stored fields, no formulas. On the list layout there are also many globally stored fields displayed - inserted in the layout as placeholders. The table "clients" contains about 4500 records.


The database is hosted with a FileMaker server 15. We also tried a FileMaker server 14 - with the same problem. The database is not the only database hosted on this server. There are 40 users opening the database with FileMaker clients. These ar not the only users using this server.

The network, the users are working with, is using NAT. The server is not inhouse. The network speed is good, the latency for ping to the server is good. There seem to be no problem with the download speed.

The client machines are WIN 7 and WIN 8 with FileMaker Pro 15. The Win registry settings for the time a programs remains in the background before coming to the front is windows standard.


The problem is: When there are more than 15 users using the database, FileMaker pops to foreground even, when the user isn't working on the records.

That means: There are more than 15 users opening the database. Some are editing records. Others users are working currently in Word or Excel or a Mail client, FileMaker is open in the background, showing the list with 15 records. These users are having the problem, that every few seconds the database shows a dialog box "Searching records..." and pops to the foreground, putting the currently used program to the background.


Does anybody have any ideas, what that could be? Does anybody have any ideas, what else we can check or alter, to find the source for that behaviour?


(I understand, that the server is updating the records on every client every few seconds - that's what we are expecting from FileMaker. The only problem is, that in this case, FileMaker pop to the foreground in this process, what it shouldn't do.)



-Michael Heider