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FM for "advanced contacts" use?

Question asked by yaroyaro on Mar 27, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2017 by yaroyaro

Hi. I've never heard of FileMaker in my life before somebody recommended it to me as a posiible option for a thing that i was looking for.


What i was looking for, could be described as notes/contacts hybrid with slight crm elements with an option to use it on iOS. Now, more details, they should make it clear why somebody recommended me to take a look at FM as i couldn't find native app for iOS that would fulfill my request:


- Minimalistic, eye-candy enough interface. For example, main page should look like grid of photos. Each photo represents each contact. When you click on photo, you get on contact's page.

- Photo and Name/Surname are only defaults that every contact "have to have". You may add phone number, e-mail, notes etc. by your desire. You must be able to add several "notes" field if you want with custom title like "Where have i met this person?"; and if i don't put phone number for this contact, then contact page should not have that field! To make it clear, most contacts apps leave you with empty fields instead.

- Sorting by tags and categories. Shouls be abilities to add categories (like, "family", "work", "school friends" etc.) so you could at any time limit shown contacts to this or that category. Better if you can display multicategories. Like, if you also have tag "music lover" attached to some people, so when you're thinking whom to ask to go on a concert, your option first is display "music lover" tagged people, and then filter results to "colleagues" etc. if desired.


So, i never could found native contacts app for smartphone/tablet that would give me such functional; and when i asked people for recommendation, they mentioned FM.


As far as i understand, FM would provide following (in my case): on computer i would be able to make a "custom app" in FM pro, creating layout and functions; and then i could handover database to FM Go on iPad/iPhone, from where i can both view it with certain degree of editing (adding new entrys? with photos, texts etc.).


Now, overall it may soud that using FM for what i think would be an overkill, but, i don't know. As for technical details, wondering 1) how achievable is my concept?  From what i've read, "grid layout" is something without easy solution on FM, but other parts of plan look believable? Like, totally forgot, could i have separetely "Edit" and "Read" mode to prevent accidently edit fields? 2) And about avaibility. As this is for personal use, it would cost about $200? And there is no need for anything else than FMP and FMG? (granted that transferring layout/database from pc to ipad through usb or wifi).


Well, that's my thoughts. Hoping for your experience to tell me whether it would be worth it and would be possible to achieve execution of my idea, even if it looks like very very limited use of what FM can do, and totally not business-related (well, nobody has made "personal CRM" afaik, so you should do it yourself , right?)