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FM 15 new cache feature, does anybody find any speed gains from it ?

Question asked by Vincent_L on Mar 26, 2017
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FM + FMS 15 introduced a new cache feature, to speed up the files opening over WAN, by caching data on the client the first time it opens, and then only download the change. I've seen benchmark that showed greta gains (maybe it was for Go only), with remote opening time cut in half.

Unfortunately, in my case I saw no worthwhile speed gains at all. Today, a sunday with 0 activity, I decided to bench it.


Cache emptied before.

1st try 50 seconds opening time     36 MB downloaded

2nd try 46 seconds opening time     33 MB downloaded

3nd try 46 seconds opening time     33 MB downloaded

4th try 46 seconds opening time     33 MB downloaded


This file is the only file my remote user needs. It uses also 7 other files that get opened hidden.


So yes, I'm shaving 4 second and 3 MB, but it's not worthwhile especially at the cost of reliability of the database, because unfortunately that feature is plagued by a terrible reliability issues that causes wrong results ! See here FMS 15v3 huge issue : Client-Server Cache gets corrupt / out of sync, SQL Queries unreliable


So what I'm doing wrong ? Did anybody saw real world worthwhile speed gain


P.S : My test are done over VPN, which is what my users use