MonthYear relationship - how to display selected months?

Discussion created by sxd33 on Mar 27, 2017
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Hello! Apologies for the simple question but I'm new to FileMaker. I created a simple filter with begin/end date and type of reports a user can pick from and see different bit of information for our customers. For example, how many people loaned a book in Jan - March 2017. Once the user selects the type of report and date then a script takes them to a Layout with Body and Trailing Grant Summary parts where they see the total number of loans per month. The trouble I'm having is that the layout is based on MonthYear relationship between the Month and Loans tables and it shows all months in the Month's table (including future months with 0 loans). Tha Body of Layout displays the MonthYear field. The calculations showing the loans per month work fine - they show the loans for the selected months and 0 the remaining months. How to make this layout show only selected months instead of all months in the Month's table?  Many thanks in advance.