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    An easy report


      I'm at the stage of going insane!!!


      I have a file with quite a number of fields in it.

      My problem is I just can't get a simple report to work.


      The scenario is; I want my report to give me a sum or total of the value of the various "Manufactures" and the total value {Dollar_Val} paid to all of them.


      If I can break this hurtle then I can build upon this to create the rest of the reports. I've tried the examples but to no avail. There is just something I'm missing.


      Best regards,

      Rob Main

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          And of course - we are missing absolutely everything.


          Provide as much detail as you can.

          Clone of the file if possible; descriptions of table and fields; relationship graph; etc.

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            I have a file with quite a number of fields in it.

            This is the critical detail and likely the source of your trouble. How you organize your data into fields, records and tables is a critical part of getting a solution designed that works for you.