FmDynamix, cfCall() and #load()

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I am pleased to present the FmDynamix project, including cfCall() and #load(), my 2 new custom functions.


FmDynamix is a project that currently includes 2 modules but will probably be expanded.

The aim is to maximize reusability by providing a modular dose.


You have the presentation file here : fmx_FmDynamix_Presentation.fmp12

And you will find the explanations here

after seeing, if then you want to participate in the experiment, you can share with other users your Custom Functions.


The first module, relates to custom functions, and makes it possible, to simplify, to call a custom function without being stored in the file, the number of functions that can be called being unlimited, They are recursive or not.


Do not hesitate, interest in you, I think ( I hope ) there are.

Do not hesitate to use the online files, create and share functions.

Do not hesitate to tell me the bugs or errors or improvements you think.

For me, it is obvious. Apart from sharing calculations, I want to see the behavior of cfCall() & #load() with a max of type of function, you will well write me one day a function that perhaps break the thing !


I hope that this "modularity" will please you!

Thank you