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    Emailing .fmp12 file


      I need to complete database entry then send the file with records to my boss in Asia so he can open and add notes.  I uploaded file to dropbox, sent link, downloaded on that side. All good - however the file has no records.


      How can I easily transfer this file ? I am BRAND NEW to FM (well, not entirely true, last time I used it was before Windows was invested) and do not understand sharing to client -- and do not have the time to figure it out. I have to get this database finished and transferred to my boss in two days.


      Help. Thanks.

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          So what exactly is your question? If you simply want to email an fmp12 file simply attach it to an email.

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            I uploaded it to dropbox, downloaded on her side, and opened to find there were no records there. I was told by another user that there are other associated files that need to be shared in order to get the records populated…

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              Using drop box does not remove records from the file.


              Does your solution consist of a single file or many files?


              Two possible scenarios that fit what you observed:


              1. You uploaded a clone of your file. Save a Copy As.. with the clone option creates a copy of your file with no records in it.
              2. You uploaded the front end (User Interface) file of a solution built on the data separation model where there's a second file with all the data in it.


              I suspect the first option. Opening just the front end with no back end (data) file present should have triggered an error message caused by FileMaker trying to find and open that back end file and not being able to do so.

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                Got it – it was the second option – I’ve now uploaded all associated files and was able to get it to open correctly on the other side of the world. Thanks!!




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