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    portal from subsummary


      i have a report layout sorted by month with week number as subsummary meaning i ll have week 1 total Amount, week 2 total amount etc, when i print report i want to print portal or list with week number: Total Amount,

      e,g week 1: 700

      week 2: 800

      week 3: 700


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          It should be possible to base the report on the portal's table and not use a portal. This should allow you to list portal data in the body grouped with sub summary parts if you sort to put the sub summary part's "sorted by" field in the sort order.


          In this case, you can sort by month and then by week number. a sub summary part "when sorted by month" could serve as a sub head or sub footer for the month. A sub summary "When sorted by week" would do the same for all records from that week. Summary fields placed in such sub summary parts will show sub totals based on the records grouped with that sub summary part.

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            thanks for your response philmodjunk

            i have "won" up untill that point totals for the week are showing well on the report, what i want to do is on the top header which serves as my page 1 on report have a chart for the month and write table(thats English not filmmaker language) with two columns 1 for week number and the other for totals, meaning the total that appear on report in some list form of some sort (maybe even make ather pie charts from week totals only)

            hope it makes sense

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              What you describe sounds like what I call a "sub summary recap".


              There are ways to set up either a multi-line field populated by an ExecuteSQL query or a portal.


              In either case, how your data is structured and what type of criteria you use in pulling up the found set for your report.