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Check-in/Check-out, Acknowledge Receipt

Question asked by dale_allyn on Mar 27, 2017
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This is a bit longwinded, but I hope to provide enough info.


(FM Server 15 and all users will have FMP 15)


I’m seeking input on a check-in/check-out process that provides for transferring items from one technician to another, without passing through a central “librarian” or repository.


I’ve built a solution element based on the Assets starter solution method. I used some of the methods and scripts to save time, but it’s integrated into my solution, not implemented as a minor tweak or a stand-alone.


For checking in and out it works great; indicates location and history, timestamps, etc., and I include a “Move” option (similar to the Assets starter) where one can assign it to a new location or person without checking it out or first returning it to the central repository. Once testing and report are complete, record is locked and indicated as such.


This is a laboratory setting; specimens are taken in by customer service window/counter and passed to the lab repository (and “librarian”). Each specimen is checked-out to be processed by various test methods, e.g. weights and measures, FTIR, UV-VIS, Ramen Spec, etc. Sometimes they will be checked-in again (especially end of day), sometimes they’ll be moved from tech to tech.


I need to provide for a specimen to be moved from Ted, in Weights and Measures, to Alice, in Ramen Spec, without Ted having to check the specimen back in first (not return it to central repository).


Problem: I need to design an elegant way to allow a recipient to acknowledge receipt of a specimen once someone “Moves” (assigns) it to someone else.


So… Ted finishes his work and wants to pass the item to Alice. He clicks “Move” and assigns it to Alice and it (currently) shows as “Assigned To: Alice”. I will change this to indicate “Assigned To: Alice [Pending]” until Alice acknowledges receipt (and responsibility).


An ItemLocationHistory table tracks all movements, with the exception of a "received" acknowledgement. I’m thinking of adding a receiptStatus field and a button that the recipient clicks to acknowledge receipt. (Stack this button on top of the Check-in/Check-out buttons and "hide when..." as the others are.) The associated script would compare the current user to the assignee and once clicked, the “Alice [Pending]” would be replaced with just “Alice”. I’ll also add an icon to indicate status is pending until she accepts as a visual helper.


There will be times when several specimens are moved from Ted to Alice at a time. A barcode is scanned for each item and the user is taken to the appropriate record for transfer (Move or Accept, i.e. outbound or inbound).


Can the community provide input or suggestions on other/better/cleaner methods for this?