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    FM Go 15 - disappearing containers when using zoom level >100%


      Product and version Filemaker Go 15

      OS and version iOS 10.3

      Hardware iPad Pro

      Description : Image within container disappears when using zoom level above 100%.


      How to replicate

      I have a layout with a single container with a high-res image. Zoom is unlocked. When zooming in on the container, the image disappears. In some instances, when there are multiple containers on a layout, Filemaker Go crashes.


      Opening the same layout in FM Go 13 and 14 does not replicate the issue, instead the image gets sharper.

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          Thank you for your post.


          I am unable to replicate the issue.  Using FileMaker Pro, I created a file with a Container field and  inserted an image.  I also created buttons to display at 200% and 100%.  I then set the file for Network Sharing.


          On my iPad Air, I launched FileMaker Go 15.0.4 under iOS 10.3, and opened the hosted file.  The image looks fine.  I tapped the 200% button, and the image looks fine.


          On the hosted file, I added three more Container files, and inserted images into all three Containers.


          On the iPad, I see all four Container fields with the images, and the images look fine under 200% zoom.


          Let me know what I am doing differently than you so I can replicate the issue.



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Thanks for the quick reply.


            So I went through this again and decided to use another picture for demonstration purposes. But then I wasn't able to replicate the issue. By using the original image I was then able to again replicate the issue.


            So what I did was this:


            Ran Filemaker Pro Advanced (I’m running a Macbook Pro 2015 with Mac OSX Sierra 10.12.3.)


            Created new solution, filemaker.fmp12 , saving it to my desktop.

            Clicked new field in the field picker. It just got called field.

            I changed it to a container.

            Then I dragged it onto the open layout.

            I put it right in the center and made it 600x600px. On the Inspector I set it so that it reduces or enlarges to fit.


            Then I put a button on the header, with a single step, adjusting the zoom to 150%.


            Then I exited to the layout, created a new record, right clicked the container and added a picture.


            The picture I selected was a 3.1MB JPEG, 2200x2200 px image from a Canon camera.  Storing a reference was unchecked so the picture was embedded.


            Then I made it shareable and accessed it through WIFI on a 13” iPad Pro running iOS 10.3 and Filemaker Go 15.0.4


            This did not replicated the issue.


            By changing my image to a 1MB 1820x1800 Nikon photo, the container disappeared when zooming.


            Through a series of steps, saving, editing and resaving these two photos, I ended up with two identical images, both solid black and 1820x1800, 232KB in size.


            What's different between them is the colorspace and metadata. I'm not sure which one is the culprit, as I can only strip both at once. When changing the colorspace and stripping the metadata, the new image does not replicate the issue.


            Lowering the resolution of the "bad black" to 650x650px seemed to stop the disappearing but results in crashes when zooming in and out.


            I've uploaded the images non-destructively to ImgBB (there's a download button next to the like/share buttons):

            Good black: https://ibb.co/jymeFa

            Bad black: https://ibb.co/c82KFa

            Bad black 650px: https://ibb.co/nugDaa




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              I downloaded all three images and placed them into three separate records in my database file.  I also changed my 200% zoom button to 150% zoom.  The images still display when zoomed.


              I then moved the buttons from the Body into the Header.  Again, all images display properly when switching from 100% to 150% and back again.


              Since this is not happening to me, I would like to see a copy of your solution.  I have sent you a private message with instructions where to send the file.



              FileMaker, Inc.

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                I received your files.  Thank you.


                I am able to replicate the zoom issue not rendering your image, as well as the crash issue.  I have forwarded your solution and image files to our Development and Testing departments for review.  When I receive any feedback, I will let you know.



                FileMaker, Inc.