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Has anyone created an FM app that will print both sides of a perfed Avery label in a duplex printer?  I'm trying to avoid all the work arounds I currently go through to make this happen.

Question asked by fmkelly on Mar 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2017 by philmodjunk

The current drop down layouts that come with Filemaker typically default to printing one side of Avery labels.  No problem.  However, many of these same label formats are printed front AND back as either badges, hang tags, or postcards. 


My life would be so much easier if, when setting up a new layout for badges, I could just drop down to a stock Avery format that could be printed on a duplex printer.  I could then feed my Epson printer the perfed Avery paper stock...just one time!.  The Epson would print Side A, pull the perfed stock back in to the printer and print Side B.  Done.


Now?  To print a badge or postcard, I have to go to a stock FM layout, and print Side A.  Then, flip and rotate the printed paper...change the settings in Layout from one direction to the opposite, and then hope that I feed the paper stock into my printer so the data on Side A matches the recipient on Side B.  Aaarrgh!


I have this same issue when printing hang tags for merchandise.  I have to print a layout for Side A, then re-feed the printer to print a second layout for Side B.  Again, all the while hoping my settings have been changed correctly, and I feed the paper stock in the right order.