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Multiple users multiple databases

Question asked by MarkGroves on Mar 29, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2017 by beverly

I am presently upgrading from FM5 to FM15, a difficult but necessary transition.


One problem I have is users. FM5 allows for user groups controlled by passwords, in my case with FM5 I have 9 related databases and 5 user groups and its not difficult to manage (45 in total). In FM15 user groups are replaced by user accounts, we have 45 users. This would mean I have to create and manage 45x9=405 user accounts!


Is there an easier way? Could I build a security database that controls users accounts, if so does anyone have a solution? Or is there a script that could control access across 9 databases using the user accounts in one database?


Any suggestions would be appreciated but please don't get too techy I haven't done any script work for 10 years.