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FMServer 15 performance issues

Question asked by brentbollmeier on Mar 29, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by wimdecorte

Hello, everyone. 


I've got a performance problem on our FileMaker applications using FMPro 15 and FMServer 15, and I'll try to be as specific as possible.


We just completed a server and desktop migration from FMPro 14 and FMServer 15. This involved moving to a new physical server, running FMS15 inside a virtual machine on the Windows 2012 server.


At the same time, we completed the task of splitting our database files into "code" and "data" portions, so that we could update code without working on live production data.  (Tables only in the "data" half, layouts, scripts, etc. in the rest.) This took the count of files we're using from just under 50 files to just under 100, though most are quite small.


After we launched the split databases on 15, we noticed some drastic performance issues in one of our layouts.  It's a somewhat complicated list-based layout with 50 portals, each connecting to a subset of data in another table. (Meaning, all these portals essentially point to the same table.) Creating a new row in these portals has taken a significant performance hit -- previously on FMP/FMS14 it would complete in a couple of seconds, whereas now it's taking upwards of 20 seconds.


Things I've tried so far:


  • eliminating unneeded table references and joins in the data files.   (Though some are still necessary, but that's a discussion for another day, perhaps)
  • Removing unneeded indexes in the table that's being joined repeatedly
  • streamlining the script that performs the operation (Though it hangs on "New Record", which is pretty straightforward.)


One thing I've yet to try is to bring the referenced files to my local PC and see what happens.  This would seem to narrow down whether it's a database structure issue or a server issue.


Have my efforts to split the data out into separate files caused this, or is there some sort of server performance issue I could be running into?


Thanks very much in advance for your advice.