Resetting primary key numbering when the sequence is 'off'

Discussion created by marksealey on Mar 28, 2017
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I have a multi-table FMP Advanced 14 file where the consecutive numbering of the index field which I created as the primary key for the main table (properties as in the attached grab) has gone awry. The sequence 'jumps' in several locations, leaving gaps in the numbering.


The harmless result is that the records' apparent numbering system no longer corresponds to the actual numbers - e.g. for totals as returned by 'Get(TotalRecordCount)' etc.


The more serious result is that I am no longer able (correctly) to display PDFs in containers linked to some of the records.


Is it safe to browse to the field in question and reset its numbering using this procedure, please?


Yes, the field in question is the Primary Key handling relations to other tables. But it's also a field I created. Good idea? Bad idea, please?