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    FM13 vs. FM15


      I recently bought  the FM 15 advanced upgrade. I do development for 2 completely different applications - one needs to stay in FM13, the other uses FM15.


      It seems as though whenever I open a file - either using FM13 adv or FM15 adv, that all the files in that application convert to FM15.


      This is unacceptable since the one application relies on extensions that are no longer available in 15.


      How can I prevent a file from automatically being redirected and updated to FM15?

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          There is no conversion. The file format for 13 and 15 is exactly the same.

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            Yes, not converted but assosiated.

            So there is inconvenient that OP wrote.

            FM15 file can prevent opened by FM13 using file option "minimum version", but opposite can't.

            onFirstWindowOpen trigger close the file seeing FM version may be a workaround?


            And if the file use fmp: protocol, it would be trouble opening another version of FM.

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              Johan Hedman

              If you start working in FMP15, there are several new things that would not work if you or any of your users are still running FMP13. Besides that, like both developer before you have said, there is no difference between FMP13 and FMP15

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                When you install FMv15 it becomes the default program to open .fmp12 files.  The files haven't changed, your PC is simply defaulting to opening in the new version.

                If you want to open the file in the older version of FileMaker then open FileMaker v13 first and select the "Open File" dialogue.


                Note that if you are using the FileMaker "URL" scheme, i.e. fmp:// in any of your applications then any calls using fmp:// will be handled by the most recently installed version of FileMaker and you can't change that.  If you need the fmp:// url to open in v13 then re-install v13 so that it registers itself with your PC as the default program.  Some plugins use this feature and if you are having an issue with the plugin then that may be the problem.


                The best option is to have two different machines for development, FileMaker does not recommend installing two versions of FileMaker on the same machine.