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Maximum number of computers problem with Filemaker Pro 15 and Filemaker Go

Question asked by AitchB on Mar 29, 2017
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This may be a basic and silly question but...

I have FMP 15 installed on my iMac and my Macbook. I have Filemaker Go on 2 iPhones and have just put Filemaker Go on the iPad. Now I get the "Too many activated Filemaker Pros" error message on the Macbook.

Our FM DB is stored on Apple iCloud. I need access to it often as we travel a lot and we get booking requests, which have to be addressed quickly. The Planning is on our FM DB.

What I do not fully understand are the Network sharing options. I do not use Filemaker Server.  It is only my wife and I that use the DB and it has been working fine with access on the computers and 2 devices. Can anyone tell me if  there is a restriction on the number of devices using Filemaker Go?

Network sharing is "On"

"Share with FM Clients" gives me an IP address. I know that the TCP/IP address is not secure but that is not really a concern for us. (or should it be?!!)

Or do I use the "Configure for FM Webdirect" and the checkboxes are a little vague!!


I've read through the excellent FMGo_14_techbrief_EN.pdf But I didn't see this information.


One quick additional question (if allowed): The saved DB has the extension .fmp12 and I have FMP 15. Is that correct?


All the best to you all and as ever thanks in advance for all whose time we use.