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    Email a Large File


      I have an mp4 file in my application that I would like to be able to create a button that creates a link so the user can email the file.  The issue is the file is 145mb.  Typically I send the file manually thru Wetransfer.com  I can create the URL link to the WeTransfer.com website but how would I get the file to automatically populate in the WeTransfer file field?  Is it even possible or is there another way to accomplish this?

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          I am not familiar with WeTransfer, but did look at their site.  All files transfer somehow being by SMB, FTP, DropBox API, etc.  We transfer works with various apps, so apparently it has an API.  I did a quick google search and their API is at https://apisource.wetransfer.com    This will require you to learn how to make HTTPS POSTS and cURL calls which you can do with Insert From URL script step natively in FileMaker or with Plugins like BaseElements or MBS.  Expect to spend some time learning the API.  It is not something you'll probably figure out in an evening.  But if it is something you do a lot with FM, then it looks like something you can do.  It may involve some licensing from WeTransfer too. 

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