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Ghost connections

Discussion created by Fabrice Nordmann Expert on Mar 29, 2017
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We have a solution hosted on a Windows server with these characteristics:

- multiple Files (1 interface + multiple data files, around 15)

- around 100 users, all FileMaker Pro

- mostly (almost only) scripted modifications (a user is almost never editing directly in a field, but clicks buttons that modify data), so records are rarely locked.

- all clients using Windows 10.


The problem: sometimes a user is locking records, causing not only 301 but also, often but not always, unusual slowdowns (general).

If we look at the Admin console, the user is NOT connected.

Using CLT to disconnect the user fails.


If the user (same PC) connects to the DB, the old 'ghost session' is not killed and keeps locking records.


The server cannot be stopped, even restarting the service isn't enough, we need to stop the service and then kill the remaining process in the windows task manager, which leads to files not being properly closed.

Then the files need to be verified, which takes ages.


Another issue regarding 'ghost connections' on the same server is that we sometimes see multiple connections for the same user (same IP…)


Many thanks