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    Check Box




      I am more or less ready with my CRM

      But one problem that i can not understand or can find a solution.

      I have made check Box  all work perfect i click on it and the mark is there.

      then i make a new table. put in the name and as text exact as before, make the check box value all as before

      but now when i click on it nothing happen.
      checked the inspector, everything is the same WHY WHY

      When i make the same name in the first field then its working ?

      but  it must be possible to make this function in more the one field or?


      Best regards


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          Make a copy of this field on your layout, but format as an edit box. Now click your check box and examine the edit box copy. What data appears in it?


          Could the check box field be too narrow to show the value from the value list?

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            I copy from that Table where it was working and copy it in to the second,

            that is working then its working on the second table.


            Then i copy from the table where it was not working and put it in the first

            table its not working

            This is how its looks








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              When you copy the table, you copy the data reference, the tableoccurrenceName::FieldName reference.


              That reference may not work on the new layout if the layout is based on a different table.


              Double click this field while in layout mode and use the specify field dialog that opens to select a field from your layout's table.

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                I have not copy any table

                that is so strange. everything from scratch


                Just put up the different tables that i need and then




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                  Sorry. I mistyped my last response.


                  What I meant was, when you copy a field from one layout to another...

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                    The thing is i have not copy anything, so that make me confused.


                    I made a table and put in let say Check, i dragged it out make it as a

                    check box exactly as the first time but still not working ?


                    When i copy i did it to clarify if the problem was still there if i copy



                    and the problem is still there.

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                      I took a look at your screen shot. What I see is a very large number of individual fields with what may be a check box format. I cannot tell which work and which do not.


                      What matters is what you can access about each such field while in layout mode.


                      Click the check box field in layout mode. What do you see in "Display data from" on the inspector's data tab?


                      What value list and field format is specified?


                      What is selected under "field entry" in the behavior section on the Inspector's Behavior tab?


                      A screen shot of this tab of the inspector, captured while the not working check box field is selected, might be enlightening.

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                        In the top its standing Contact on that page its working, then i go to

                        Active overview

                        Here you can see all this check boxes ( No one is working on this page )


                        I made in the tablet for each page/Tab. and this function is not working at

                        any page more then if the text is it the main Tablet ?


                        I sent some screen print to show and make it easier









                        [image: Inline images 1]

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                          Your layout is based on the customers table occurrence but the inspector shows that your check box field is from the customer active areas table occurrence (display data from tells me this)


                          Possible causes:

                          1) The two table occurrences might not be related

                          2) The two are related but there is no matching record in customer active areas and "allow creation..." is not enabled for customer active areas in this relationship.

                          3) There is a relationship and allow creation but there is no valid value in the match field in customer specified for this relationship.


                          Table occurrences are what we call the "boxes" in your relationship graph

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                            Thanks for all the help,

                            I try to find out and i tried all tricks that I have in the book, but humm

                            still the same


                            I agree that i also think its some small but important thing that have to

                            be done, I send you a picture over the relations

                            you may find something


                            or where i have to look further











                            [image: Inline images 1]

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                              None of those screenshots show me that "allow creation of related records" is enabled


                              None of those screen shots show that a record with a matching customer ID exists in customer active areas.

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                                where do i find it



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                                  Double click the relationship line linking customers to customer active areas. There will be a check box for this to click on the customer active areas side of the dialog.




                                  You copy the value of __pkCustomerID from the current customer record to the clip board, go to a layout based on customer active areas, enter find mode and paste this value into _fkCustomerID before performing the find. I predict that you will not find any such matching record. If you then create a new record on this layout and paste this value into the _fkCustomerID field, your check box field should work. I would not use this as a regular way to work with your database, but it does show why your check box field is not working for you.


                                  Enabling allow creation as I've specified allows your layout design to create one matching record in Customer Active Areas. The layout design that you've used will not allow you to create more records in this related table. You might want to use a portal, or you might want to base your layout on Customer Active Areas and set up the _fkCustomerID field with a value list of customer ID's and Names so that each time you create a new record, you select the relevant customer.


                                  There are other alternatives as well but these two methods are the most straight forward ways to have multiple records in Customer Active Areas linked to a given customer record.

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                                    You are the King ? Thanks thanks juppiiiii


                                    Can i ask one other thing maybe you can that one as well


                                    How to import a copy of a mail and keep them in order


                                    Thanks Mikael

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