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    Work around for custom menus in WD?


      Hi everyone!
      I wonder if there is a solution to the next problematic:


      We have a custom menu on a solution that replaces the perform find action with a script that actually performs the find but contraining the found set with a more specific query, on desktop theres no problem, but on WD since there are no custom menus the find is performed over the full records in the table.


      I think of using the On Mode Enter trigger over all the layouts in the solution to work only if the current platform is WD, but this is going to be a massive work since the databse is huge and we have to check if the last mode was Find, the new is Browse, and if there was actually a Perfom Find operation made, Im wondering if this is the correct approach to make this work on WD...


      Any suggestions?

      Thanks in advance!

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          Thank you for your post!


          I'm going to move this thread from the FileMaker Community Feedback Space (which is specifically for input on the Community itself) to the Discussions Space where you should receive more views and potentially more feedback on this topic!



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            Hide the menus. Create your own menu set for WebDirect using the button bar object inside of a top navigation part.


            That way you only have to hide the menus as part of your startup script:

            If [ get(systemplatform) = 4 ]

               Hide Menus

            End If


            If it is a massive system, then it may just be easier to take this approach for the desktop as well. That way you will just need to add the top navigation part and button bar to the layouts, rather than duplicating all of the layouts and setting up all of the split navigation for WebDirect.


            This question has already been brought up before as well:

            Custom menu sets in WebDirect 


            I also added this to Product Ideas as a feature request, I tagged you in it so you can edit/add details as you need, but it's a pretty straightforward request.

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              This is our method (was used in IWP before as well). Hide those menus and make sure to include the functions needed for WD as buttons, links and other "web" objects. These can take "Hide object when" as well now.