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    Set new Portal Row data automatically.




      So I have set up a Portal Row where I have some data I can enter.

      And I have a Summary field that Calculates the total of these data.

      But when I enter the data I have to click out of the Portal Row before the Summary field does the Calculation.


      Is there any way to have the Summary Field updated without having to click outside of the Portal Row ?


      Looking forward to your help,

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          You could use script triggers to cause a commit every time data is changed in the field.


          This could be a pain because you will have to understand the trigger sequences, the field level validation functionality, and consider rendering to the layout.


          Learning is good however.


          When the cursor is in a field the entire record your on is in a locked state.

          Changes to the data in the field are not saved to the database until you perform some action that causes a commit.

          A summary field get its data from the committed data.

          Here are the actions that cause a commit

          Committing data in records

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