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    Dev Con 16


      Hi everyone


      I am considering going to the DevCon this July.


      Looking for opinions on whether this is truly meaningful or just a party.

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          I've gone the last two years and am going this year.


          It's definitely NOT just a party. You'll have a full slate of sessions designed to inform and educate you that you can pick from. Go to the web site and look over the sessions and see for yourself.

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            How about a very meaningful party! Seriously when we party, we talk FileMaker. You learn something in the sessions, you learn something at lunch, you learn something on the Lazy River or at the Bar (where even non-alcohol is served). It's all FileMaker all the time. You will learn things you never considered possible.


            YES, consider going.


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              One of the best professional investments I've ever made. I encourage you to attend, and if you attend I encourage you to participate in things like the Developers Challenge regardless of your skill level.


              Imagine the calibre of technical know-how, friendliness and camaraderie you find on this forum but in person with a bunch of likeminded professionals from around the world and all walks of life. Hopefully that's a good thing.

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                Devcon is many things and you get out of it what you focus on.  There is a bit of a party and I find FileMaker people and my friends to be fun, but this certainly is not the level of some conferences I've been to where there was a lot of partying.  So, if you goal is to party hard and get drunk, then not much of that going on.  However, if you mean by partying, doing a lot of networking, making new friends, eating good food, etc., then yes, Devcon is a lot of that.  Devcon has the FM show of what they want to put out there corporately, which is all fine and good and to be expected.  But most time of the conference time is with individual hour long topical sessions.  More of the sessions would be what you call technical, but there are even sessions on business development and software sales.  I learn a lot at these sessions.  Technical sessions and the networking are my primary reasons to go.  The secondary one is to get FM's official presentations on what they are all about including the usual financial one that announces that they have had x number of profitable quarters and they give us some lines on a chart with no numbers and you really have no idea how they are doing financially because it is not public info.  But it makes you wonder if they did have a down year if they would even tell us or somehow smooth out the charts with yearly averaging, etc.  I guess it is good to know they are profitable because if not, then the framework's future is in trouble. 


                A recent focus has been the training on the Monday business day before the official kick off and it is training focused on what you need to know if you want to get certified.  Rather useful for that purpose, but a bit expensive in light of some good video training and the FileMaker Training Series materials.  Then again, some people learn better in a classroom setting.  I just wish that would have Pearson Vue set up testing at the end of the day on Monday to give those who took the training an opportunity to get certified on the spot!


                I hope you'll come and if we meet, get to make a new friend. 

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                  DevCon is the big family meeting of the FileMaker community.


                  You can shop talk all day and everyone knows what you talk about.

                  You can find FMI staff and tell them your wishes, problems and show them what you have done with FileMaker.

                  In the sessions you can learn a lot. But likely you will miss a few because you chat with the people in the lobby.


                  PS: Prefer to go in sessions which are not recorded or where you would like to ask questions.

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                    Sounds great.  Considering attending as well. This would be my first DevCon.  Would be great to meet others in the FM community.

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                      Note that the next price increase for registration I believe is April 28th.  If you want to go, you might want to make your registration before then if you want to save a little money.