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FM Server not compatible with FMP V14 with SSL

Question asked by markisfeld on Mar 29, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by markisfeld

I am having trouble enabling SSL when using Filemaker Server V15.0.3.308.


After reading some discussions I found a note questioning whether FMP V14 and V13 are really supported.


I have an odd case that suggests the client versions are very different, perhaps incompatible, although I do have an odd compatibility with FMP 15.


Filemaker Server lists compatibility with FM Pro V14.  In theory things should work.


Firewalls on the FM Server system running MS Windows Server 2012R2, are temporarily disabled.


Firewalls on the client Mac OS X  10.12.3 tested are disabled also.


Access is via LAN connection.  No VPN or network firewall.



When SSL is enabled using the FMS console under Database server -> Use SSL for database connections (it says , Information: A custom SSL certificate is installed on this server.)


I get the following unexpected operation.


For FM Pro ( for user connections) V15, I get a dialog "Filemaker Pro cannot verify the identity of "xxx". (see jpeg file cannot_verify_identity_of_host)

View certificate shows a valid certificate.  Strange.  Do I have something a little off here?  (see jpeg file certificate_info)

Work around:  click "connect" and it works fine, and accesses the Database list, and will open a database.


For FM Pro Advanced V14 I get the window under open host saying "Connection failed"  (see jpeg file FMP14_connection failed).

No work around except disabling SSL.  This is my main problem, at first I was testing only FMPA V14 and it does not work, and provides almost no information about why.


Web-direct works fine with or without SSL enabled.  There are no issues with certificates.


I was told that I could continue to use the individually licensed V14 FMP and FMPA licenses that I have.  I particularly want to use the FMPA license that I have V14.  I would also like to use the FMP V14 licenses I have as I believe they do not use concurrent licenses (but hard to tell, Filemaker chooses to be very obtuse about its licensing practices).


At the very least the compatibility of FMS with FMPV14 should have the caveat of no SSL.


at best, maybe I have some odd config for the cert that filemaker does not like that I could change?