Create Value List from Current Record's Field

Discussion created by tleitzke on Mar 29, 2017
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I am (still) working on my inventory app; and several of the users say they want to be able to order items from the list of items (when they view product's information). I currently have a checkbox that is for selecting all the suppliers that stock said item. Since item's cannot be purchased from some suppliers, I decided to go with the approach of "set variable"->"go to layout"->"create new"->"perform original 'add item' script". I want them to be able to either add the product to an invoice that is already existing, or create a new one. The problem with that I am trying to figure out, is how to select the supplier for new invoice, based on the current record's check box set of which suppliers stock that item. In my head, it should be a simple single step script of making a new value list, and having that equal the supplier checkbox field (on load, on actions, some useful point). Example:


{Checkboxes for supplier availability}

[ x ] Supplier 1
[   ] Supplier 2

[   ] Supplier 3

[ x ] Supplier 4


{Drop down menu based on supplier availability}

[Supplier 1]

[Supplier 4]