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    Design advice needed


      I have already asked a very similar question to this in a previous post to no avail, but I'm going to ask again out of sheer desperation.


      My team will be using FM Go for data entry on the field. Participants will have a physical paper version of the attached image and will use markers to choose shapes. Ideally, I will have this image in FileMaker to notate which shapes the participant chose. I need a way to select which shapes were chosen so that they can receive credit, but each shape is worth a different point value. Further, some shapes are worth X amount of points if chosen, and some are worth X amount of points for NOT being chosen. So for example, a participant would receive .05 points for Shape A NOT being selected but 0 points if selected. They will receive .50 points for Shape D being selected, but 0 points if it is not selected. However, not all participants will get to this item, so they will receive no credit if all the shapes are not selected.


      Could someone share some ideas of how I could set this up? With no previous experience with anything related to FM, the simpler, the better.

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          Perhaps it would be beneficial to those assisting you to know with what ARE you familiar if FM is new to you. While you may think it's not related to FileMaker, many here work in other apps (related or not). There may be better ways to help you relate and accomplish what you desire.


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            I'd probably just paste the image to a layout, then overlay other objects matching the approximate size of each object in the image.  Those would hide based on whether or not something was clicked on.  Furthermore, you can have the point amounts shown to the user as either additional objects or in the first overlay object.  If each user was on a unique record, then every time they click on something, it tracks the total value of the points, probably in the corner of the screen.  The logic of which items hide, which ones have points, and other rules are controlled in a script.  You could create a simple report of all this as well at the end.  In any event, the user wouldn't need a piece of paper since the image is on the screen.




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              Eric's suggestion is nice and simple, but if you want absolute precision use image map in a webviewer


              Integrating Image Maps in FileMaker

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                I see another post with similar question and more information on what you are doing:

                Help with scripts


                What about that advice needed to be amended?

                Can you link this thread there, so others may follow the conversation?


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                  It's hard to say what what I am familiar with in regards to this because this is not in my field at all. I do research in an academic setting, so I work with mostly SPSS and Excel. My boss wanted to start using FM instead of Excel for data entry to reduce errors, so we have some very basic solutions where we can enter data, export as an Excel file, then import into SPSS. Now, my boss wants to use FM Go for data collection on the field, and I am just in charge of figuring out how to make that happen. We really should have hired a consultant since I have no background in this and there are no FM-certified people around to ask, but I am not in a position to make that call. Once this is behind me, I would love to spend more time learning more about FM, but under the time constraints, I am not able to do that currently.

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                    Thank you ! that does give us a 'basis'. Excel and import into SPSS. So probably no HTML/Web which the "image map in Web Viewer" would imply. The article that Vincent_L suggested would be a good read any way before any decision what to do.


                    As alternatives, you may well consider a consultant (from nearby, perhaps) just for this?