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Accounts that existed before converting fp7 to fmp12 can no longer access application

Question asked by microwe on Mar 29, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2017 by microwe

Hi all,


I recent converted/upgraded from Filemaker 11 (using .fp7 files) to Filemaker 15 (using .fmp12 files).


My clients have always accessed the application using a "script" file on their local machine, which then points to a remote location on the Filemaker server, where all the other files exist. The script opens a login dialog box, and when the user successfully logs in, the main landing page shows up.


When testing this upgrade, I noticed that I can add accounts to the landing page (such as foo, bar, or baz) and set passwords for them, and then when I close the application and run the script and log in as foo, or bar, or baz, everything works fine. I can delete these accounts and re-add them without issue.


HOWEVER, for accounts that already existed before the upgrade (abc, xyz), I am never able to log in with these accounts. I tried having the employee whose username was abc come to my machine and enter their login info, which did not work. I tried changing her password with her permission and having her use the new password, which did not work. I even tried deleting account abc from the landing page (through Manage->Security->Accounts) and re-adding it after restarting the application. abc1 works if I add it, but abc does not.


What's going on here? Can anyone help?