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Question asked by vm1 on Mar 30, 2017
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I have found this previous unanswered message and am having the same issue....If anyone could shed some light that would be great. I have tried replicating the script "Trigger|Sort Product List", and adjusted the Sort Selection and Sort List Key to match my own field but can not get the same result as the inbuilt starter solution.....


Hi, I am new both to FM and software programming.

I have tried to incorporate many of the features of the Starter Solutions with overall sucess. However, I really like the pop up 'Sort Selection' the Starter Solutions offer in List mode and have tried to copy and paste and then amend to make the fields, scripts, and trigger scripts match my DB, but without much luck. Could someone outline what I need to set this up from a new DB stand point? I would be immensely appreciative. Also, how to get the subsummary breaks to appear ie <<Initial>> as both <<Initial>> and <<Sort List Key>> are used in the Starter Solutions.


Thank you!


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