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    Virtual List tutorial?


      Can someone point me to a good Virtual List tutorial?


      I need to populate a portal with a Virtual List, I'm pretty sure, but have not learned how to create a VL as of yet. I've found a lot of posts in this forum about tweaks to VL but cannot seem to find a source of learning step-by-step how to set one up.


      Thank you!


      PS For a Web Direct project, if that affects any specific processes.

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          It is in the FTS (FileMaker Training Series Advanced)!


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            Going through these, slowly. All seem to be related to Reporting. If I want to populate a portal from a table that is a Virtual List, is it the same procedure? Doing my best to follow, but thinking about it tangentially makes it that much slower for me.


            Trying to start from as beginning level as I can so found this one within the ones recommended: https://filemakerhacks.com/2016/04/27/virtual-list-reporting-part-1/


            I essentially want to present a portal of all Contacts able for Web Direct users to access. When I just use a direct portal to the table it has issues if more than one user is trying to access the layout/portal at a time (the portal rows go blank). I figure a Virtual List in portal form could likely get around that. But also trying to make sure my head does not explode.

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              You might also take a look at the Virtual Value List "module" downloadable here.  With a little tweaking you can make "virtual portals" -- which sounds like what you're after.  I've implemented exactly that for several projects.  Feel free to message me if you need a little more help.

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                When I just use a direct portal to the table it has issues if more than one user is trying to access the layout/portal at a time (the portal rows go blank).

                Sounds like you are trying to solve the wrong problem.

                Learning about session model may help.

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                  While it is true that:


                  a) two users cannot edit the same record at the same time

                  b) editing a portal record also locks the parent record


                  These locks trigger error messages. They do not cause parts of your layout to go blank. So that leaves one wondering what the different users are doing that would produce that result.

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                    I believe the table issue is with the placement of the table (relationship-wise) in my system. No one is editing through the portal directly, just viewing lists of items. My belief (could be wrong) is that if I can setup a Virtual List in a portal with a simpler relationship to the users, I can get around the issue created in its current state.

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                      I have Sessions running/integrated in already.

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                        "No one is editing through the portal directly, just viewing lists of items."


                        Simply viewing lists of items will not produce the results that you report. Might these be portals that the user manipulates in order to pull up different lists?

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                          I got momentary help on some of my db setup, and then screwed over, leaving me not fully understanding some of the way my original setup was changed but not wanting to mess with it and destroy certain functionality. Attached (below) is the foundation TOs/relationships. I have that Globals table that has relationships with "ALL" TOs, that I have added to in the way it was setup without me, that have been used to being viewable by all users through portals. There is likely something wrong in that setup and is what is causing my issues, but I am not knowledgeable enough to know the correct specific error and fix. Maybe it is making the ALL TOs directly on to the Sessions Current 10 or Users by gSession 10 TO? As I said, someone I temporarily worked with added something and then went crazy so I did not have a chance to know how it functioned but also could not go backwards in design because of extenuating circumstances.


                          I have TO of each of those linked to Globals table tables within my Sessions lower down hierarchy, but they are often linked through User_ID or a different table between it and the Session table and thus not easily accessible to all Users.


                          Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 8.27.50 PM.png

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                            I suggest that you put one portal where you have this problem under a microscope and figure out to fix it getting help from the forum if needed.


                            Once you resolve this for one portal, you can likely apply what you have learned to fixing the others.

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                              Phil, I will definitely do that. My thought is understanding Virtual Lists would help me in that analysis.


                              In that vein, using the VirtualList demo by John Sindelar, I started a new project solely to learn Virtual Lists with portals. I am using Actors as "Contacts" and Connections as the "Contact Extra" information.


                              Attached is the project. I think I have everything linked up properly but it is not running. I think the source of error in it is that my Interface table is not populated with records. I wasn't sure if I should just create blank records (I tried creating 10 blanks and that did nothing so I deleted them) or I am missing some script that sets the initial number of records and then visualizes the list. I have used Todd Geist's MasterDetail2.0 module before, and I remember virtualization being a part of it, and setting the number of records to have that is greater than the number of records being referenced, but I did not fully understand that scripting and thus why I am starting more basic with this.


                              Any feedback on what I am missing or did incorrectly would be greatly appreciated.

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                                What I am suggesting is that you figure out why your current design has this issue.


                                To repeat: simply using portals to view lists of information should not produce the problems that you are reporting. If you don't figure out that issue, you may just replicate the same issue with your virtual lists.

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