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    Having an issue with a value list result being recognized in an IF statement


      First let me preface this by saying that although I am not totally unfamiliar with Filemaker as a user I am very green when it comes to programming.  Much of my Excel knowledge I have for formulas seems to transfer over nicely to this but this one has me totally stumped and I cannot find a reasonable solution anywhere online (unless of course I am asking the question wrong).


      If ( THICKNESS1 < 3 & WIDTH1 = 4 & GRADE1 = "DR" ; BRDFT1 ; 0 )


      In the above formula, "THICKNESS1" & "WIDTH1" are both number fields that are a result of indexed lookups which, after some side testing, I have deemed not to be the culprit in my "0" result of this formula above.


      "BRDFT1" on the other hand is an item in a value list called "GRADE".



      In the above image...based on my formula...the thickness on line 1 is < 3 therefore true, the width on line 1 = 4 therefore true and the grade of "DR" is showing on line 1...the result should be the 5.33 from the last cell on line 1 but instead I get 0.


      Hopefully this makes sense to someone cuz I am at my wits end.  I am assuming it has something to do with the fact that the DR is from a value list and not a directly keyed or indexed field but I can only speculate. 


      Thanks in advance for any assistance you guys can offer.  My guess is this is an easy response for someone out there.