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Shift Key to Constrain Horizontal Motion in Layout Mode not Working

Question asked by bpanhuyzen on Mar 30, 2017

This issue is newish – using FMPA 15.03.305 on Mac Sierra on a retina iMac. Apple Mouse. In layout mode, grabbing an object and moving it while holding the shift key should constrain its motion, either horizontally or vertically. But horizontal motion is no longer working. If I click on an object and, while continuing to hold down the mouse button, try to shift the object left or right, nothing happens, or rather, only vertical motion is registered – that is, the system decides I wanted to move the object up and down and will only allow that motion; there seems to be no way to trigger it to move left or right (horizontally) from standstill, no matter how careful I am not to impose any vertical motion.


The only way I can make it happen is if I "catch" the object with the shift-click while already moving the mouse horizontally across it. That is, pass the mouse from left to right over the object I want to move, then I hold shift and click on the mouse and continue to drag the object along with the moving mouse.


I've confirmed that I can get constrained horizontal motion on my MacBook Pro (also running Sierra, same version of FMPA) with the trackpad or mouse.


And yet on the iMac – it's impossible. I even tried it with my son's ultra-sensitive Mamba Tournament Edition gaming mouse – no go. I have a copy of FMPA 14 on the iMac (to access older solutions), and it exhibits the same behaviour: I cannot shift-move an object horizontally. However, it does work on FileMaker 11.


I've confirmed that I can effortlessly shift-move objects horizontally in other applications, e.g., Photoshop.


Anyone got ideas?