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    Slow running systems


      After 15 years a system that was running fast slowed down. It works at normal speed on a mac over wifi within the same office - but on a PC client using windows over 1 GB fixed line the user finds that going from one layout to another is very slow. It is a bit faster if there are few records. We have checked for firewalls, virus checkers and the latest version of FileMaker 15. But as I say the very same system on a mac performs without any wait time. If it the speed was slow on the Mac I might suspect complex fields on the layouts or something in the goto layout script (though I have also checked for both of these).

      The client's IT crowd did work on the server just before this happened - but then if that was the issue then the Mac would run slow as well. My feeling is that it is either something on the network or on the client computer - but what to look for?

      Does anyone have any hints at what we might look at next?

      Many thanks - Richard

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          If you suspect something on the network then physically move the computer to another area of the network so that it would use a different path through different switches.  A bad port on a switch could explain this.  So could a failing network card on the workstation.


          Some other things to try:

          - plug in a USB wifi stick and pull the ethernet cord, see if that makes a difference; that would rule out any networking issues or network card issues

          - create a new Windows account on that machine and let the user try from that account; that would rule out anything in that profile

          - check for free disk space on the workstation; low disk space would severely slow down FM

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            Thank you!


            I shall let you know how it goes…


            - Richard

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              The user accounts for your windows are they roaming profiles? what version of windows are you on?

              check all file paths with get functions. sometimes the assumed local paths might be not that local at all.

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                Hi FileKraft


                I am not in the office so cannot check on a client machine - but the issue is also occurring when using remote desktop on a machine that is Running Windows Server 2008.


                Yes they are using roaming profiles - why do you ask?


                In this case moving from one layout to another using a script does not make use of any get functions and few are used out side of scripts  - can you explain more why this might be an issue?


                - thanks for your input.


                - Richard and

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                  Roaming profiles can be very difficult to optimize if once slowness reported. A new user account helps or could help for a while as we experienced with Windows 7.


                  Check if you are running a supported flavor of Windows.

                  The get functions just tell you where the files are managed from your Pro installation.


                  get (temporaryPath) might indicate that it is on a networked volume - get (desktopPath ) , get ( PreferencesPath )

                  all can be helpful to see what kind of installation you are dealing with.