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    e-mail integration


      Does filemaker integrate with e-mail so it can share the address book and access the e-mail history?

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          Johan Hedman

          You can that with plugins. There are several plugins that can read emails


          Base Elements

          MBS plugin

          360 Works


          and some more

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            What's your use-case? That is, what functionality are you trying to implement?


            You could export your address book and then read that into an FMP table, for example. Although that approach wouldn't be real time, it might be adequate depending on what you're trying to do. On the Mac, for example, you can export a ".VCF" file of your address book which has many, many fields. You would thus then need to parse the "vcf" file to extract the fields you want into your FMP table you would use for your email integration.


            With additional clarification, we can better help.

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              The OP is talking about integration with the address book itself, as I read it. Do those plug-ins have that integration?

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                Johan Hedman

                Not to the Address book itself.

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                  Filemaker can be used to send e-mail, and maintain a record of the content and attachments.

                  I am wondering how to store received e-mails in the database without first saving the e-mail onto my local drive and then importing the file into the database (extremely time consuming).

                  If the database users have a shared e-mail system and the e-mail system could be integrated with filemaker then the e-mail address book which is updated every time an e-mail is received could be linked to contacts table in the filemaker database, and relevant sent and received e-mails could be linked to appropriate tables.

                  MondoMail appears to be the best plug-in as it is Windows and Mac compatible.  Does anyone have experience of this plug-in? Will it meet my requirements?

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                    Johan Hedman

                    I use 360Works plugin Email and there example file to save emails from different Email servers

                    360Works :: FileMaker Email Plugin :: Send and Receive HTML Email in FileMaker

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                      Johan: Thank you for recommending 360Works.

                      I downloaded both 360Works and MondoMail to try out both of them.

                      I could not see how to install MondoMail as as it told me to put the App into the System folder in Filemaker, and there was no folder called System. I put the 360Works App in the Extensions folder (as instructed) updated my 64bit Java and Filemaker opens without any error message.

                      I just need to read through the instructions and right the scripts to make use of it.

                      I was surprised to find that I can use 360Works indefinitely for free as long as I restart Filemaker every 2 hours, which means I do not have to pay for it while I am developing my Solution.  When I do get the licensed version the 10 user license is the same price as a 3 user license for MondoMail.

                      I look forward to making progress with 360Works!

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                        Johan Hedman

                        360 Works Email is a good choice. There example file have a Settings Layout where you just enter your Email Server settings and your username and password. From there it will automatically create records in that example file with your emails and attached files. From that file you can then save your data to your own solution