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Sell a product using the Runtime

Question asked by inevco on Mar 31, 2017
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Hello everyone,


** This post is not intended to criticize FileMaker's decision to abandon the Runtime. I am looking for a viable solution.


This question is for those who create and sell a management solution using Runtime.


I build management solutions using the FileMaker platform. Each of my customers are happy and they all buy FileMaker licenses.


In parallel, I have built a management software for psychologists that I sell on the site


We now know that the Runtime will be removed eventually and is no a long-term solution.


The purchase process for the LePsy software is very simple:


- The client downloads a demo version that runs for 30 days. This allows the customer to see if the software is suitable for him. My intervention time: 0 minute.


- If the customer likes the product, it buys it using a payment process via Paypal. This payment process communicates with my automated system to deliver an activation code. My intervention time: 0 minute.


The business model is simple. Runtime is perfect for this solution.  The client is completely autonomous and does not need me. This allows me to continue working for my other customers who purchase FileMaker licenses for other projects.


Currently, the solutions available to me are the sale of individual licenses for my clients. I also have the option to use the SBA program.


In either case, I will considerably increase my intervention time since the customer will need me for the purchase of FileMaker license. My time on administration is therefore much higher. This reduces the profitability and the viability of this solution.


Also, I do not know how I can offer the free trial if the client absolutely has to install FileMaker Pro on his computer.


To those who sell a management product like mine, what are you going to do to preserve simplicity and accessibility for the customer ?