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    iBeacons and Inventory Management




      Does anyone have any experience with iBeacons with FM for invoice management in a warehouse?


      We have SKUs in boxes, in cases, on pallets, stacked on shelves, in rows, in a large warehouse. I’m looking for a use scenario to identify the locations of at least pallets using beacons.





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          Jason Wood

          You can get a list of all the iBeacons near you, but that doesn't tell you too much about where they are, especially if you're surrounded by dozens of them. I'm having a hard time thinking of a use case for the scenario you describe. Go into a bit more detail about what you're trying to do.

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            What you could do is place a beacon on a fixed point at each location. A user with an iOS device and FileMaker GO could then scan a bar code to identify an item (product, pallet, shipping case...) and the same script could read the ID of the nearest beacon to log it's location at that spot. But then you have to update with the same process each time you move the item so that might make more sense when doing physical inventory or cycle counts in your warehouse than trying to get all workers to consistently log location every time they move stuff around.