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    License Keys?

      Where on earth (or, rather, this cite) have my license keys gone to? I swear that every time I have to look for them they turn up somewhere else. I've just spent about twenty minutes after logging in, clicking on everything I can see and getting nowhere.


      What I need, at the moment is the license key for the latest preview. But if, for some reason, I needed to reinstall the current version (say, for example, I got a new computer) and I needed the license key, I would not have been able to find it -- which is much worse. Why all the essential info pertaining to my FBA membership and current software licenses isn't right there when I login is beyond me.

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          Click 'Home' on the top of the page. On the right, should be the link to FBA and to the FBS benefits. They should be in there.

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            As previously stated, there is no such link on the home page (or any other page that I can navigate to). The link to “learn more” about FBA appears to go to an advertisement to join the FBA.

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              I am seeing no such link when I follow the directions below. The login screen recognizes my user name only 50% of the time, and when I do manage to login I can never get to a page that shows my FBA data and license keys. I have e-mailed screenshots to FM Tech Support.

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                You need tech support on this. If you do NOT see "Access Benefits" where you think you should (from the Home page), the please PM:








                Remember it is weekend for TS!


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                  Thank you for your post!


                  Has this been resolved?



                  FileMaker, Inc.

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                    No. I can't access the FSB area and can only login intermittently.


                    Oddly, though, the posts for this thread are showing up in my e-mail "in" box (twice per post, actually), despite the fact that I haven't requested or enabled any connection between the FM discussions and my e-mail client, but I can get directly to this thread by clicking on the link.

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                      I'm sending details via Private Message. I spoke to the support that was working on your emailed case.



                      FileMaker, Inc.

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                        Benjamin Fehr

                        I would also ask why allegro's FDS account appears as




                        We saw such issues in the past after Forum migration to Jive!

                        Looks like there's accounts



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                          If you go to the benefit page to lookup your serial numbers, and all you see is the "Membership" header and an empty box, you may want to wait a minute or two. I did, and eventually the data appeared. Or perhaps it was triggered by a second loading of the page + some time?! Who knows. :-)

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                            Clear history and caches (and anything else you can find) in your browser.

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                              Likely because he had a normal account and an FBA account.

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                                This issue required a couple of fixes to the back end of the web site to get it working again. I also asked that they create a new account for me, with a new name, just to rule out the possibility of corruption with either the name or the account.  I learned a few things, which I thought I'd pass on, if they are of use to anyone (though these apply to the website in its current state and many not be valid for future versions).


                                As it now stands:

                                - User accounts are case sensitive (unlike FMP, in which passwords are case sensitive, but account names are not).

                                - Spaces in the account name are permitted, but not recommended. It was not made clear to me why. (Hence the new name for my account "AllegroDataSolutions" with no spaces.)

                                - They will not delete old accounts, just lable them as "disabled_"+ the account name.

                                - If an account is disabled and you open a new one, your rating for the new account begins at 1, regardless of where you were with the previous account.


                                I am now to access the FBA area again (rather than an advertisement to become an FBA member). I can go directly to the FBA area as I used to, using the following URL


                                FileMaker Business Alliance


                                But to access my license keys and other benefits, I have to click "Home" on the menu to see the links (which really should be in the FBA space with all the other FBA-related material.

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                                  2. spaces mess with the ability to include a reference to a user with the 'at' symbol (Mention feature), spaces mean something that doesn't help use search.

                                  === from JIVE help ===

                                  Using @mention, you can alert people, places, and groups that you're talking about them.


                                  When you create or comment on content in your community, you have the ability to mention a person, place, document, or other piece of content. This is a way to give a shout out to someone or something to catch their attention. You might say, "Way to close deals today @Joey Ramone!" or "Trivia Night was a success for Team Chaos! @Trivia Night Group." This notifies any person mentioned after the @ that you are talking about him or her. (Members of groups you mention will see an @mention in Followed Activity.) When someone is @mentioned in a piece of content, a status update, or elsewhere, a notification of the activity flows into their Inbox. In Jive, @mentioning doubles as a link picker in content or in status updates. For example, you can add links to a document or group by typing some of the words in the title after typing @. You can even use both formats in the same status update, for example to say "@Joey Ramone and @Johnny Ramone, please check out my question @Why is the Submit form not working today?


                                       • Type the "@" symbol (or click the "@" icon if it is available). A search dialog opens and suggests possible matches. To narrow matches, use an underscore (_) as a space. For example, @Mike_D would match the Mikes whose last name begins with "D." Your picker will include documents, discussions, and places as well as people. Keep typing to narrow the choices further. You can also scroll through the list of people, places, and content that are suggested for you.

                                       • Select the correct match from the list. The new link shows up in your content.

                                  === end ===


                                  3 & 4. they can "merge" accounts as they did when we moved (merged) from the two separate forums into one. I don't remember the details, but it may have needed to be the same email. The points were brought over.


                                  good they got it sorted out for you!



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                                    Benjamin Fehr

                                    1 Like and 1 'Helpful' is the least I can do to bring you back on track with your Boy Scout Points


                                    I still have no clue on how to trade them in to my Miles & More Account. Anybody?

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