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Unable to display list in portal

Question asked by MauriceG on Mar 31, 2017
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I’m building a small solution to manage my college courses. I received great help from this forum last week on how to filter a portal with radio buttons. But now I have another issue, i.e. I’m unable to display the list of some documents in a portal.


My solution has amongst many tables the following: Courses, Fees, Professors, Documents, plus a join table. On a layout based on the table Professors, I have a first portal (based on TO ListProfessors) that displays a list of the professors and a second portal (based on TO prof_COURSE) that displays, when I click on a professor’s name in the first portal, the list of courses taught by that professor (this list gets displayed with Go To Related Records in the first portal). So far so good.


But there is also a third portal (based on TO prof_DOCUMENTS) on my layout in which I want to display a list of the documents associated with a particular course when I click on that course’s name in the second portal. I can’t manage to do this. I’ve been going in circles for days and I think I’ve tried pretty much everything, except obviously the right approach. Right now, clicking on a row of that second portal triggers a script and the details of the course are displayed in global fields. It’s the associated documents which I want to display in the third portal but can’t manage to.

I’m attaching a copy of the relationships I now have. Could someone tell me what’s wrong with this approach.


Thanks in advance.