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FileMaker in Apple App Store

Discussion created by Johan Hedman on Apr 1, 2017
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When I click on search icon on my iPhone (iOS 10.2.1) and enter filemaker I get this list



First thing I would like to see is FileMaker 15, then FileMaker 14 and then FileMaker Inc. If I click on FileMaker Inc I get Apps in correct order FMGo15 and then FMGo14. Is there anyway that FMI can control the search filter in App Store so that FMGo15 is the first app that turns up when I search for filemaker.


I do not want my users to download wrong version of FMGo


I could even consider taking FMGo14 off that list or maybe just appear from FileMaker Inc. list of Apps


Another funny things is when I click on the search result FileMaker Inc. the apps that I get are in order



Icon Pack for FileMaker - Sam Reis

AlertFlag for FileMaker Go - James Ramsey

iLinea FMG - Infinite Peripheral...

PrintAssist LITE - iWare Inc.

Push FM - Alexey Dubov

PrintAssist - iWare Inc.

Golf Game Data Management - Eric Morasch


and so on


What did they pay Apple to show up on FileMaker Inc. list of Apps? Why are they there? Could FMI make then disappear so that only FMGo appear from that search result?