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    Study Card/Flash Card Program


      Hi Folks,


      I am just wondering if there is a better way in accomplishing this?


      I am putting together a study/flash card program in FPA 15. It will run on a mac laptop and iOS device. I am just wondering if there is a better way in accomplishing this?


      Each question will have up to 7 possible answers.

      Each question may have anywhere from 1 to 7 correct answers.


      Presently I have a field set up for the Question and fields (7) for each possible answer. The concern I have is when there are more than one correct answer to the question and how to record the correct answers?


      What I have done so far…

      Each possible answer is recorded in a text field with a Value List attached in a Checkbox formatted field. I have set up a calculation field to record the selections from the selected answers.


      The calculation (Select_A & Select_B and so on) will produce CDF when Select C and Select D and Select F are selected in possible answers. I compare this against the Choice the user has made to determine a correct answer. The calculation field will record selected answers in the Alphabetical order A through G.


      I am sure someone will have a better idea on this, but this works fine.





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          Try this: A table for Questions, A table For Possible Answers, A table for the responses and possibly a table for each person taking such a quiz. (And you may want a table for grouping questions into different quizzes.)





          ----< means "one to many".   >---- means "many to one".

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            I have survey form which can edited by the clients. I put the Answer options and Correct answers as fields in Questions. All values are return delimited in these fields and can be used to produce the checkboxes or radio buttons (or even some answers are text). Correct Answers can use FilterValues() to see if the question is really correct.


            But it may depend on factors, such as questions with a lot of text in each option or options with quick items that can be listed easily.



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              Beverly & Philmodjunk,


              Your input has opened up a couple of different approaches for me to consider. What started as a simple study program has become more complex. I need to be able to copy and paste from a scanned pdf, direct typing and import from other study guides including graphics. The more I think about this the more complex it becomes. So, I will just do the logical thing, quit thinking...





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                You have run into the "problem" with survey/tests/questionnaires.

                The list view is inflexible in spacing should you need images taller areas for questions and/or answers. The HTML form becomes more flexible and in some solutions the only option. That means the form is built & submitted all with HTML (CSS & JS, too). That may be with CWP as WD would also suffer with inflexible forms such as this.


                Scanning pdfs work for a limited number of layouts. But you have to overlay fields and other elements. Not very flexible either.


                Continue thinking!


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                  Hey Mike,


                  To extract text from PDF documents without copy & paste, consider writing a little Java code.

                  Two libraries come to mind. The up-to-date, and totally FREE one is Apache PDFBox.


                  Apache PDFBox | A Java PDF Library


                  Here's a sample page with some code:


                  Java Code Example org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.PDDocument




                  iText is another very cool library for working with PDF documents and it's been around for about a decade or more. Version 2 (if you can still find those libraries) is totally free, but the current version (5+) isn't.


                  HOPE THIS HELPS.

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