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    How to retrieve lost saved finds



      I can not understand why a FM user can suddenly lose all his Saved Finds.

      How can I recover user (lost) saved finds?

      Where FM saves user saved finds?

      Thank you


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          Per the documentation, a user can have all of his saved finds removed by:

          Saving find requests for use in future FileMaker Pro sessions | FileMaker


          To delete all saved finds for a user from an externally authenticated account

          1. In the Edit Account dialog box, click User Data
          2. In the Manage User Data for External Account dialog, select the user name and data you want to delete.
          3. Click Clear

          There is a difference between "saved" finds and "recent" finds. The recent ones are much easier to clear.


          Users can also manually delete their saved finds in the Edit Saved Finds dialog box.


          Lastly, since they are specific to the user/file together, any action such as removing and re-adding the user, or restoring a file from backup, can modify saved finds as a side effect.


          There is no way to recall saved finds unless you revert to a backup copy of the file.


          If the finds are mission critical, I would suggest hard coding them as scripts, and allowing users to run those scripted finds as needed.

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            You can also add functionality to save found sets and/or save find criteria.  This would involve another table/TO, a relationship, and some scripting.

            But as Mike stated recurring finds should have their own scripts.  You could tie them to a custom menu so the user could drop down and perform the find, or to a popover to run the scripts.

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              These techniques also have the advantage of allowing for saved finds to be shared across multiple users (when desired), and in general, to make them "safe" against things liked scripted deletion/recreation of user accounts.

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