How to continue development on active product?

Discussion created by marksystech on Apr 2, 2017
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Hello all,


I'd tried to find a search for this and really could not locate what I was looking for.


I've completed the first "module" of a FileMaker project for a client.  This is a fairly elaborate purchase order system to be used by the employees of the company.  It is deployed on a FileMaker server.


The company is interested in moving into the next phase to develop a materials tracking system that they want to be part of the same "portal" as we call it.


This is where I'm not exactly sure how to proceed.  They will be actively using the FileMaker product and "module" I've created.  I can see them requesting bug fixes and now the new development.


For the bug fixes I had planned to remote in and fix "inline" on their actual database after testing on on a local copy.  This will be ok for bugs and minor updates.


But how will I go about adding the new modules to their existing database?  I may have simply missed it but is there a way to "import" forms and tables when I'm ready to?


I do remember reading something about how to do this quite some time ago but I cannot seem to find that reference.


Thanks in advance