Perform periodic validation of layouts (and tables)

Discussion created by marksystech on Apr 2, 2017
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Another customer request has come up.  They are an ISO quality managed company and their quality manager has decided that they want to know if someone changes a layout in the FileMaker portal product I've created for them.


Originally I thought we would get by without this requirement but now they've decided it will be important.  I am trying to figure out the easiest way to do this.  I'm not seeing anything in scripting that can do what I need but I'm open to ideas.


I have considered employing a screen shot utility and doing something like the following:


1) Create a dummy record with known values

2) Load the layout

3) Trigger the screen shot (hopefully I can call out to this utility)

4) Using a program I write do a CRC on the bytes in the screen shot image

5) Compare to prior saved value


As far as tables go I can only think of:


1) Create a record in the table

2) Fill all fields with known values

3) Export the record to a file

4) CRC the file

5) Compare to prior saved value


Are there easier ways to do what I need to do?


Thanks in advance.