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    Formulas, count and summary



      I am very new in FM...

      I have a database created where there are people served by age, gender and type of situation.

      As an example,


      I have Richard, 65 who is male. homeless, and disabled.

      There is Jane, 2, female who is a minority...

      how can I make these formulas?


      This is the list of formulas i need for my chart per family window:

                                TOTALS           0-2y/o            3-15y/o          16-65y/o           +65y/o

      # Females      __________      __________      __________     __________      __________  

      # Males          __________      __________      __________     __________      __________  

      # All together __________      __________      __________     __________      __________  

      # Minority      __________      __________      __________     __________      __________  

      # Disabled     __________      __________      __________     __________      __________  

      # Homeless   __________      __________      __________     __________      __________  


      Thank you so much for helping!

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          Thank you for your post!


          I'm also going to move this thread from the FileMaker Developer Challenge 2016 Place to the Discussions Space where you should receive more views and potentially more feedback on this topic!



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            What you are trying to create is a basic cross tab report.  If you google 'FileMaker cross tab report', you will find many examples.

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              If you research "cross tab", don't just look at one post. There are several very different routes to the same result, so if you make your search deep enough, you will find more options from which to choose.


              Specific assistance would also require that you tell us more about the design of your database. Do you have a table with one record for each person and another table with one record for each family? If so, how are they related if they are related?

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                you would do this according to what you will use this information for.

                Will it be displayed in a report? if so How? What kind of report?

                Where will this information be used in the database.


                Depending on your answers will depend on how you do it... in a portal, as part of the layout source table, etc.


                sorry to answer your question with more questions haha. But it is the use of the data that depends on how you build it.