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Pallet Calculation

Question asked by isamudysan on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2017 by Menno

Hello Everyone!


So, my boss decided to pitch me a curve ball and I've been thinking about his request for quite some time now; and, have been unable to come up with a clear solution. In our current FM solution, we have 3 products (A, B, & C).  When doing inventory and palletizing these product, they have their own pallet count and sequence (e.g., product A will P01, P02, P03, etc., and product B will have P01, P02, P03, and so on).  The request this time around is to have all three product to share the same pallet sequence.  For example, if the first product I scanned is B, then it'll be on Pallet 1 (P01); and,  if the next product I scan is C, then it'll need to be on Pallet 2 (P02).  Product A, of course, will be on Pallet 3 (P03).


Now, these product are not at all sorted prior to scanning; but, rather, mixed together.  For example, I could be scanning Product B five times in a row, and then the new 2 or 3 products could be Product C and/or Product A.  What needs to happen is that all scanned Product B must be on its own pallet, and likewise for Product A and C.  The caveat is the amount of product on a pallet:  that Product A's max unit on a pallet is 180, Product B's max is 18, and Product C's is 26 on a pallet.


I just cannot come up with a calculable solution for this.  Hope you all can give me some direction.  Thank you in advance.