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Getting Web Direct to trigger script in another hosted FM file

Question asked by justinc on Apr 3, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by beverly

Hey all,

  I’m having something of an issue figuring out how to get web direct to trigger a script in another hosted file.  This is a complicated by the fact that this Web Direct sessions is already running in a FM web viewer…and I’d like the script to be triggered in the currently open FM file.


The landscape:  This is hosted by FMS 15, and clients using FMP14 or 15.  There are three files in this process, FileA and FileB; File3 is a connector between the two.  FileA is opened with FileMaker Pro, and contains a web viewer; this web viewer points at FileB using Web Direct.  The user of FileA can see certain records in FileB, and makes some small edits to them. 


However, I’m trying to get together a process where FileA can copy/import a record from FileB back into FileA.  This is done through the 3rd file, one that both files have a reference to.  FileA and FileB do NOT know anything about each other, directly, i.e. there’s no EDS between them. 


I have the process working where UserA in FileA clicks a button and the record gets copied to a scratch table in File3, but I need to have that same script trigger a process in FileA that will copy that scratch record from File3 to FileA.


All of these files are on the same server.


I have tried a couple of FMP URL steps to trigger this, and I’m not sure if I’m just doing it wrong, or it won’t work.  The process doesn’t have to call the currently open FileA, but it seems like it might be tidier:



I have also tried this version, just calling back to FileA on the server:




I have tried this as an ‘OpenURL’ call, ‘Insert from URL’ call, and then a bit of workaround - going to a layout with a web viewer in it that’s defined to load up the FMP URL noted above.


Am I on the right track?  Anyone have any pointers?