Scroll Mouse removal = Filemaker 14 Ground Hog Day

Discussion created by JimBrear on Apr 3, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2017 by philmodjunk

I have lived in hope that a newer version of FileMaker than 15 would reinstate the ability to use the scroll wheel to move between records on Windows computers.


I have been reluctant  to upgrade any of my Windows users to FileMaker 15 for fear of being lynched once they discovered they could no longer move between records using the scroll wheel on their mouse.


I have removed FileMaker 15 from my main development machine, having realised that the inability to scroll between records is a total productivity killer.


Looks like my users are locked into FileMaker 14 from now on.  It is beyond belief that this feature was removed without offering any alternative.  Surely it should not be too difficult to make this ability something that could be configured in the database if required.


I have not seen too much complaint about this on the list. Could this be a result of most Windows Users skipping upgrading.


For Windows Users FileMaker 15 might be the equivalent to Windows 8.  Stick with the old version until a later one has the useability features you require.


Any other developers in the Windows environment feeling the same as me?