Create Xcode Project based on FileMaker iOS App SDK, using free XprojectFM app.

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FileMaker iOS App SDK is a great tool for create a custom iOS application, based on FileMaker database.


Our application XprojectFM  allows you to automate the process of creating Xcode projects, eliminating the need to work with the command line and manually edit configuration files. You also do not need to adjust the application icon in more than 30 standard sizes.

All you need is to enter several parameters and click on one button. Everything else will be done automatically.


In addition to this, you will get a unique opportunity to expand the functionality of the created application with additional modules (plug-ins).

XprojectFM will also allow an unlimited number of projects, allowing on-the-fly changes in settings, versions of SDK, as well as connected modules.


XprojectFM is free, designed to work with FileMaker on Mac v.14 or newer:



Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 16.27.24.png


At this moment XprojectFM has 4 plug-ins, that you can use in your Xcode projects:


Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 16.27.41.png

-AuthorizeFM (free)


AuthorizeFM allows you to authorize the execution of the FileMaker script with a fingerprint. Thus, you can make additional protection for access to individual modules of the FileMaker solution. You can specify the name of the script that will be launched in case of successful authorization, as well as in case of unsuccessful.


-FMLinea (demo)


FMLinea adds support for devices from Infinite Peripherals that allow you to scan a barcode, read a magnetic card and a RFID tag directly in an application created with FileMaker iOS App SDK.



-TrackFM (demo)


TrackFM tracks the location of an iOS device and writes coordinates to a file, available for reading from the FileMaker. The plug-in allows you to enable or disable GPS tracking from FileMaker.


-PushFM (demo)


PushFM allows you yo receive push notifications right in FileMaker App SDK.

Demo version only demonstrates ability to register iOS device on Apple Push Notification Service.

Please contacts us, if you need to implement push notifications in your FileMaker projects.



You can use the default project in XprojectFM to build an app, with Demo.fmp12, in which all the demonstration scenarios are embedded.


More plug-ins will available later.


Best regards,

Alexey Dubov