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    Uploading a FileMaker database as an Android App


      I recently uploaded my FileMaker database as an iOS App using xCode. I am not very familiar with developing apps, but using the guidelines FileMaker and Apple provided, I was able to upload my database into an App. I have done a lot of research as to whether or not it is possible to upload the database to the Google Play Store for Android Devices. I haven't had any luck. I am wondering if anybody has had any luck in uploading it to the Android platform. As I said earlier, I am not very familiar with coding. Also, who knows anything about www.MyAppConverter.com? Would that work? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          The iOS SDK is just that, for iOS. It's based on FileMaker Go, which is a separate app in itself. I doubt you would have much luck converting things over using a 3rd party service given the very specific functionality of filemaker. AFAIK, aside from redeveloping your app ground up specifically for android, there is no shortcut that will convert your filemaker file over.


          Android, however, is supported via WebDirect. So you may be able to write a fairly simple app for android that connects users to WebDirect.