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Filemaker to SQL through ODBC connection

Question asked by jeffwest2 on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2017 by beverly

I am totally new to FM, having worked in a SQL.My SSQL environment for years, the company I work for has recently started using FM for a specific purpose as a CRM system


I can see many questions on this and have followed instructions off a couple of them to try and get this working, to no avail, so here is what I have done.


I have an existing FM Pro 15 with a standard set up, I want to set this up so it connects to a SQL database as an ESS not as a full datasource, mainly for reporting externally into SSRS but also for ease of automating some data exports on a daily basis.


Following suggestions in older posts, I have set the odbc/jdbc settings to on, and have (at the moment) set to all users, although this will be restricted later if i get this working).


I have set up 2 odbc connections to my SQL database

1 in ODBC32 and 1 in odbc64, both are differently named, but connected to the same SQL database

I am now trying to set up a new external data source in FM, this i do by going to

File-Manage-External Data Source

Click New

Click ODBC

Click Specify at DSN, and this is the issue, I have nothing here to select, what am I doing wrong?


Any help with this would be really helpful as I need to get this working before we deploy a new FM system live in a couple of weeks.